Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless

10 01 2016

The Northern Territory of Australia is home to many outstanding bird species.  The Whistling Kite is an amazing raptor often found circling overhead, seemingly weightless on the thermal current.  This shot was taken on the Adelaide River as the kites scouted for meat scraps left by feeding crocodiles.

IMG_0104 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

8 01 2016

Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

The Moongate is a circular opening in a garden wall and is a significant structure in a Chinese Garden.  This Moongate is part of the Chinese Garden at the Charles Darwin University in Darwin, the Northern Territory of Australia.


It’s great timing to start the New Year with a circle.  Chinese gardens were designed as sacred spaces where people could retreat, block out the daily grind and turn back to nature.  Spending time in nature is always a way I find my way back to me.  By stepping through a circle to enter, it reminds us of the circular nature of the universe, each thing and each one of us starting and ending, entering and leaving, leaving and returning and “coming full circle” through the circle of life.  Blessings to you for the year ahead.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

30 07 2013

You don’t need a lot of friends, just a few really, really good ones.  Here’s a photo from our day out riding our scooters around the river.  Great times with great people.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

29 07 2013

This beautiful indoor plant is a masterpiece.  It’s a real plant, not silk or synthetic.   I came across it while browsing through a garden centre.  I like to think each leaf was hand painted by the creator with the emblem of an olive tree.  Pretty cool don’t you think?  A real masterpiece.

Indoor plant

Indoor plant

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

28 07 2013
Western Australian Wines

The curves of the bottle and the rack – Wine from Mt Barker, Western Australia.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

26 07 2013

Urban art has a short lifespan and is only on show until the next person claims the wall.  Here is a fleeting glimpse of taggers at work in the now derelict powerstation in Coogee, Western Australia.  It’s an urban artist’s paradise.   Don’t ever believe these pictures are haphazard or purely opportunistic.  This guy had a small sketch book with him that he’d refer to occasionally as he marked out the scale and angles for his piece.

Creative mind at work

Creative mind at work

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Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

5 06 2013

Mindil Sunset Markets are a drawcard for visitors and residents across Darwin in the Northern Territory.  A vibrant  food market gathers under the coconut palms along the foreshore late on a Sunday afternoon during “The Dry” season.  People come for the atmosphere, a stroll through the crowd on a balmy evening, some fantastic food from a hawker’s stall and to watch the sun set over Mindil Beach.  Some have made it a tradition to meet, eat and sit for a while.  It’s a lovely spot and the beach is always busy with people enjoy the warm night.  We ventured down to the markets a few weeks ago and I love this photo I took of me snapping my friends snapping the sunset, in the background.

Mindil Beach Sunset; Darwin, NT.

Mindil Beach Sunset; Darwin, NT.

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