Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

9 06 2012

Our gang on a spring scooter ride. Taken overlooking Perth city, Western Australia.

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Friendship and it got me thinking about my closest friends – “The 2am crew”.  They’re the people you know you can ring at 2am and they’d be right there for you if you needed them.

It’s hard sometimes to tell your friends just what they mean to you. It’s often just difficult to articulate it or express it in a way that doesn’t sound or feel uncomfortable.

A couple of years ago I started to tell my closest friends that I would be their 2am Crew and they could ring me at any time, get me out of bed and I’d be there for them without question. It was a great way to affirm my friendship and let them know how much they meant to me in a practical way.

They’re precious and my life would be so much poorer without them.  x x



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9 06 2012
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9 06 2012
The Retiring Sort

Shared experiences are the best ways to build friendships!

10 06 2012
Gilly Gee

Wonderful Louise, these friendships are priceless.

10 06 2012

Absolutely priceless and rarer than people think. I’m blessed to have a group of friends to share with.

10 06 2012

“2am crew” is a nice way of putting it, although I am sure they already know 🙂

10 06 2012

Yes, they know and have helped us through a difficult year of grief.

10 06 2012
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11 06 2012

The 2 am crew. I love it. 😉

11 06 2012

ahh, I love friends you can call at any time 🙂 nice pic btw!

12 06 2012
Albadr Nasution

Scooter gang ride. Wow, nice interpretation and good picture. Good background! Love it.

23 06 2012

What a concept – the 2 a.m. crew. I love it! Great photo too. I’m blessed with friends like that too; isn’t it wonderful?!

29 06 2012

Yes, it’s priceless. 🙂

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